Happy birthday, Linda

Linda Pace (April 17, 1945–July 2, 2007)

“Since founding Artpace, I have learned to trust the creative process, my own as well as that of the artists around me. Artists are by nature people who push everyone’s boundaries. Their work can seem random or irrational, like collected fragments of dreams, but as with dreams, it almost magically comes together to suggest meaning. Artpace is a place of retrieval; in the words of one artist, it is ‘a factory where dreams are made.'” —Linda PaceDreaming Red: Creating Artpace

Image credit: Juan Miguel Ramos, Linda, 2005. This is a publisher’s proof of the print in the permanent collection of the Linda Pace Foundation originally commissioned by the Artpace staff and given to Linda as a birthday present in 2003. Ramos’s portrait of Linda presents a cartoon-like image of her on the roof of her home at Camp Street. By characterizing her in this setting, he makes an important connection between home and identity, defining Linda through a place she loved. Linda is on view at Artpace.